Who are you writing for?

My first story came about because my then three year old repeated a particular phrase which I thought was completely adorable. Uh yeah, I think everything she does is adorable – she’s mine! And so, naturally I wrote it down.

You see, I’ve kept a journal since I was a tween. There was, however, about a 15 year gap in my writing. I was busy living and having experiences, and so, writing took a back seat, but I digress.

As we are a bilingual household, codeswitching and all, I’ve always searched for bilingual books or books that feature Latinx culture or experiences. There are definitely lots of books by talented authors in these categories, but there is room for more. A lot more.

I’ve always been a creative person, and after I wrote the first story based on my daughter’s cute catch phrase, well, the stories just started to kind of pour out. Not all at once, but there were definite inspirational moments happening more frequently. As both my children grew their interests, so did the need for our home library to expand.

And so, I write books for kids like mine, kids like I once was, and for those kids who more often than not, don’t see their neighborhoods, their experiences or the people in their life in the pages of their books. I also think it is super important for the adults to enjoy reading picture books. I can confess, I have convinced my children more than once to get a book that they didn’t necessarily want! I’ve also hidden a book a time or two!

Stay tuned! And take good care!

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